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We are two people intimately united by the love of family and music.


First, Armando Lopez Moreno, my beloved son from his seven-year-old creator and soul of this beautiful project; and accompanying him on business, Orlado Montero Méndez.



Armando was born in 1980 in Havana. He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Music and Professor of Guitar at the Superior Art Institute of Havana, the University of the Arts of Cuba, and the National Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music, in 2004.




He obtained professorship and teaches classical guitar at the Faculty of Music at the National School of Arts, Havana.

Since then he collects his experience in the music teaching and professional practice as a soloist and in various music formats, by classical guitar, electric guitar, electroacoustic and bass, either. He has participated in events such as the International Guitar Competition of Havana, the SGAE International Electroacoustic Music Prize, the International Electroacoustic Music Festival of Spring in Havana or the International Festival of Urban Music of Caracas and more.




In classical guitar, he has had master classes with teachers Leo Brouwer, Efrain Amador and Joaquín Clerch (Cuba); Costas Cotsiolis (Greece); Eliot Fisk (USA); Shin Ichi Fukuda (Japan); Pepe Romero and Marco Socias (Spain) and Eduardo Baranzano (Uruguay) .Del Similarly, received lectures on electric guitar, the master Jorge Luis Chicoy (Cuba).

He has musically directed various international music groups with which it has fulfilled contracts for presentations in Cuba, Viet Nam, Indonesia, China, Morocco, Qatar.

He currently serves as professor of classical guitar, electric guitar and bass in Brooklyn Melodies Music Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Guitar ensemble



So, in his methods of teaching music and enforcement of these instruments come together experiences from the Cuban system of musical education, internationally recognized in its abundant harvest exponents, and the rigor of the British system, of the highest international level .



The second member of this educational endeavor, Orlando, was born in Havana in 1945. His first specialized studies took him along the paths of technical drawing and mechanical design, that defined his first work stage, until his predilection for the world of the arts led him to enroll the race of Art History at the University of Havana, where he graduated in 1979 and then maintained its links with several postgraduate courses.


Since 1975, and he served as museólogo in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba, where he developed his activities over almost two decades, in the departments of research and educational services in the implementation of cultural teaching, by organizing exhibitions, conducting lectures and conferences on topics of arts, specialized visits to the museum; and art appreciation courses and workshops Children’s plastic creation.


During the 90s, professionally he experienced plastic creation with papier-mache technique, also participating in national exhibitions and abroad, as a member of the Cuban Association of Craft Artists.

Since 1999, it assumes teaching in appreciation and art history at the levels of middle specialized education and university.



Plus, if I were asked by the experience that has better conditioned me to contribute to the training of children in the magical world of the arts and music in particular, and share views with their parents, without thinking, respond to I was accompanied in the intricate and surprising way of learning, my two children today musicians, Armando and his younger sister Tanmy, guitarist, violinist her now for me a source of deepest and legitimate pride.



So, I invite you to share emotions and thoughts as we walk hand in hand with our children, eluding academic positions and categorical claims.

Simply we learn with them.




  1. Hi Mandomoreno, I simply want to congratulate you on your raising such intelligent children! There is so much talent in your family. I am a musician myself, but I have to say that I learned a good portion of theory and I studied the saxophone for 6 years. But, Armando is probably a genius on the guitar. Sometimes, I would like to go back to school to finish up my university degree. Your story was very inspiring. Thank you.

    • Hi Luc

      Wow! I really appreciate your comment, your words are really a good support for my works, you are the first person that review my website, still in construction, and you just give me more power and inspirations to keep working on my goals. I am making this website to sharing all my simple knowledge about music, acquired after many years of hard dedication, especially for all the parents interesting in driving their young children into the music education, like I did.

      Thank you very much, Luc !

      Your words are very important for me!


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