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Guitarra para niños

Sometimes we wonder if it is possible for a child of five or six years of age to learn to play the guitar.

For this, it is important to take into account, first, the size and development of the child, since children of the same age, may have different development and height.

We must first look at the size of their hands and fingers, followed by their independence and mobility.

Personally, in my class, the first tests I do with children of this age, before deciding whether or not they are apt to get started in guitar learning, is to make sure that the child has good mobility and control of his fingers, that is able to move each finger independently.



One of the methods I use to check this is to use a form of exercise or type of game, based on the grip of a pencil.



Holding the pencil first with the thumb and forefinger, between the tip of the index finger and the middle of the thumb, without pressure, and change the finger without letting it fall, this way we can see what level of control and mobility have the child with his fingers, so we can decide if is able to start the lessons or how we could help in the development of his hands to facilitate the learning of the instrument.


This exercise can also be used with children or even adults who do not have very developed a good control of their fingers.


Practicing this exercise with the pencil, every day, it improves the independence and strength of our fingers.


Visit the video gallery to see more.

Tutorial:  “Comprobando Aptitudes”


Choosing the right guitar for the student.


After seeing the child’s physical attitudes, before deciding if it is possible for him to start studying guitar at an early age, the next step is to choose a guitar with the right size for him.


It is not recommended that a child of 5 or 6 years of age start the study of the guitar with a complete measuring instrument,  a full-sized guitar as adults use, as this would affect the posture and grip Of the instrument, as well as the placement of hands and fingers on the guitar fingerboard.


Guitara grande




There are different types of measures for the guitar:


Measurements from smallest to largest.


–  Guitar ¼ (recommended for children 5 years of small stature)

– Guitar ½ (recommended for children 5 or 6 age)

– Guitar ¾ (recommended for children 6 to 8 age)

– Guitar full measure 4/4 (recommended for children 10 age and adults)


 Guitarra Medidas


These recommendations are not accurate, they may vary depending on the student’s size, and the size and development of the hands and fingers, it is recommended that the guitar teacher is the one who decides the size of the guitar most appropriate for the student.

In general, you should choose the guitar that is most comfortable, taking into account its size, allowing a good posture and grip of the instrument.



These are some important aspects that will help us to decide if our child is at the right age to start the guitar study, and how to guide him in his first steps with the instrument.


My next post will be a lesson guide, beginning with the first guitar lesson for a 5- or 6-year-old student, how to guide him easily and where to begin his first steps with the instrument.

I thank you for your attention and time in reading my modest post, based always on my own direct experience in classes.

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Do not hesitate to write or ask any concerns or interest regarding this topic, you can simply leave your comments on this page, or write to me through my personal email, I will be in touch with you.


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