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Ukulele book for kids /Colorful Ukulele /Hardcopy

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Ukulele course for kids age 5-7.

Book format: Paperback, 34 pages, audio tracks downloadable. Include sticker sheet.

ISBN: 9798793621014

Publisher: /number: CUKEng1-2018-AM/ Version: 2018.

Author: Armando L.Moreno

The Colorful Ukulele is a simple and straight forward method for young children. The student will learn the basic strumming, chord positions and music notation, through the use of colors on the Ukulele fingerboard, making it easy to find the correct frets, and be able to play simple chords and music notes, without any prior music knowledge.


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1 review for Ukulele book for kids /Colorful Ukulele /Hardcopy

  1. Waleed

    Loved this book, my 7 yr old and I decided to take up playing the ukulele and this book was so helpful in guiding us in the beginning. Simple to understand, and rational in its teaching methods. Within weeks, my son was able to read notes, play chords and songs.

    • Armando Moreno

      Thank you very much for your review and comment, I am very happy to know that the book and method are working well, Thank you!:)

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