Price List/Guitar Courses.


  • Classical Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Exam Practice
  • Repertoire
  • Other

Duration: 45 min.

Age: 10 years old to adult

Price: 1 lesson:  us 20$

Price: 4 lessons: us 65$  (twice a week)

Price: 8 lessons: us 110$  (twice a week)


The group of 4 classes must be consumed in the course of a month, a group of 8 classes no more than two months.

If a class is affected by the availability of time and schedule, it will be replaced by another schedule or date depending on the availability of student and teacher.

The payment of the Course must be made in advance, before starting the classes, via Paypal, Western Union or other arranged routes.

I will contact you once you book the Course.

Book your Guitar Course.

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