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A simple Ukulele method for kids!

The "Colorful Ukulele, ", is a simple and straightforward method for young children.

The student will learn the basic strumming and chord positions through the use of colors on the Ukulele fingerboard, making it easy to find the correct frets, and be able to play simple chords without any prior music knowledge.

Once the first four chords are learned, the student will be able to play nine very well-known children's songs.


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Customer comment.

".....the book is great, covers all the fundamentals and has plenty of songs for children to play.

I really love the colour coding, I now need to find some blank sticker sheets that won't leave sticky marks on the fretboard.

I've spent much more money on printed books that don't cover the basics nearly as well as you do. This is an absolute steal at £2.00!..."




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