Arcoiris de la Musica is a method for music education preferably designed for children between four and five years old (without implying that it can not be used by people of any age and condition), based on a combination of musical notes , colors and some basic geometric shapes, easy to use and understanding.

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Easy Music Method for children


To explain the process of emergence of this method, I must refer to certain aspects of my personal experience. For over thirteen years, I have dedicated to the teaching of music, especially guitar, which is my main instrument; since I spent fourteen years of studies at the conservatories dedicated to the different levels of teaching music in Cuba. Then I had the opportunity to teach there as well as in other countries, students of different ages, which have ranged from seven years and adulthood.


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My inspiration!


A new era opened in my life with fatherhood and soon could see how my two young daughters showed early some musical intuition that led me to try to teach some musical rudiments, following somehow the routine of the academies, to use the piano sometimes and others guitar. The effort was certainly difficult, since young children, although they have a natural sense for the perception of music, it is almost impossible to understand the elements of theory and musical notation, made in terms that often taught in conservatories at older ages.


Thus, I was challenged to find a way of teaching and learning more at their earliest possibility. I improvised testing resources, came to relate the colors and musical notes, identifying with each other individually, then taking advantage of the knowledge of colors is the first in the infant stage. So, I put different colors on the piano keys and according to this correlation, I transcribed very simply a children’s song known for my small and the reaction was very fast and really surprising. Easily they reproduced the notes of the song on the piano and his enthusiasm made them repeat it again and again. All this without the application of common technical procedures, nor any previous experience.


My daughter at home

I then gave myself the task of drawing up a solidly structured approach, based on the identification of each musical note with the color of it assigned, easy recognition for the young child, and the use of primary geometric shapes such as circle and oval to designate the value of each of the notes.

Having already conceived what would be the teaching material from my new method, then I began a work of study and research on the subject of teaching music to young children, which led me to discover the existence of various methods based on the combination of colors with the music; but none covering the teaching of musical notation and execution in a given instrument easily and efficiently didactic own children from four years old.

It has been the task of several years of research and development to shape this new method and just two years ago, was disposed within my general system of teaching music.



The method


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Arcoiris de la Musica method, is composed of two levels of learning. At Level 1, the system of musical notation uses colors to identify musical notes and also simple geometric shapes such as circle, to identify the musical figure called Crotchet, provided the value of time; Ovalo, for the musical figure named Minim, with value of two times, and another Ovalo, more elongated in size, for the musical figure Semibreve, worth four times.

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Level 2, is the transition from the simple form of musical notation Level 1 to the international standard musical notation, general knowledge. In Level 2 the same relationship of colors and notes used; but this time incorporated into the musical staff, where we use the figures of conventional musical notes of music theory; resulting this process easy and effective understanding.

All this theoretical and practical system implemented as part of Arcoiris method of Music, accompanied by other musical activities to develop in classes, such as learning their musical reading by singing and ear recognition. practical activities, such as coloring the notes before playing them, placing musical notes in the form of cards on the board, make music games playing the instrument, playing with puzzles to identify notes and creating melodies, rhythmic games accompanied by singing, playing melodies and children’s songs in the instrument; plus many other creative and performing activities in the classroom and in the online course, which can be enjoyed from your own home using our website.


El aprendizaje de la música en niños pequeños.

Ukulele for children

In the pages or sections of our site, you can find information about which musical instruments can be used, how to apply the Arcoiris de la Musica method from home, which activities make to their children, how to put their instruments to be used with our method and plus.


I invite all parents to visit my website, conceived and designed as a parent for parents, as an experienced teacher for young children, who can enjoy our lessons interactively from home. With our guide and your guide as parents, our children will be able to understand the musical notation and its execution on the instrument, combining music education with pleasure and entertainment.


Arcoiris de la Musica gives you the opportunity to interact with your children , as they develop their musical intuition and knowledge, as fun and games.


Thank you very much for your interest in our music method and the trust placed in letting us be part of your children education. You can write to our email or simply leave a comment below. Soon I will contact you answering your questions.


Thank you,

Armando López Moreno

Creator of the method ” Arcoiris de la Música”.


  1. Hola Juan!

    En primer lugar quiero felicitarte por tu labor que sin duda es un gran aporte para las personas que nos dedicamos al arte de la enseñanza.

    Tengo dos preguntas:

    1. En primer lugar, en qué sección del website puedo ver el precio y comprar el método completo “Arcoíris de la música”? No lo encuentro. Sería bueno que me pases el link.

    2. Consideras conveniente que un niño aprenda a tocar ukelele antes que la guitarra?

    Espero tu respuesta y gracias de antemano!

      • No tiene importancia, jeje

        Respondiendo su otra pregunta,

        Para un niño de 5 a 7 años de edad, es mucho mas conveniente que empiece aprendiendo el Ukulele y después la guitarra, ya que el Ukulele es mucho mas fácil de tocar, el niño desarrollara su confianza en la música y el instrumento al ver que es capaz de tocarlo. Una ves que aprenda a tocar el Ukulele, pues la guitarra le sera mucho mas fácil de aprender, de hecho, sera capaz de tocarla desde la primera ves que ponga las manos en ella.

        No dude en escribirme o preguntar cualquier inquietud que tenga, al igual que puede compartir con nosotros sus conocimientos en la educación musical.

        Saludos y Gracias


    • Hola Juan Lorences

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por el interés en el método “Arcoiris de la Música”.

      El libro del método esta en proceso de revisión, y grabación de los audios que acompañan el libro, casi esta terminado y lo pondré muy pronto en el sitio web. También estará disponible su versión física, impresa, próximamente.

      Le escribiré tan pronto el método Arcoiris de la Música, este listo en nuestro sitio, en pocos días.

      Saludos y Gracias


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